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"I had my carpets cleaned by ZEROREZ® and I wanted you all to know how THRILLED I was with the outcome."
                                                                   -Lisa A
                                                                   Jacksonville, FL



Without toxins, you, your children and your pets can lounge on carpets, floors and upholstery cleaned by ZEROREZ® without worrying about what might remain on the carpet after cleaning. No residue means your surfaces stay cleaner longer, because there's no soap lingering to attract dirt. Certified Platinum by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) - removing virtually all available soil from carpets.

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At Zerorez Jacksonville we view all area rugs like a fine work of art; therefore, oriental rugs should not be cleaned with the same methods used to clean wall to wall carpet. Because of the delicate nature of these rugs and the many variables that can affect the quality of the cleaning process, Zerorez cleans all fine oriental rugs at our rug spa.

The system and method used by ZEROREZ® is patented (US Patent #6,638,364) and is surrounded by a proprietary cleaning solution called Empowered Water™. While our clients enjoy calling it "magic water," Empowered Water™ is manufactured at our Jacksonville facility and has the ability to clean like soap and eliminate most germs and bacteria instantly — without detergent additives.