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ZEROREZ Upholstery Cleaning

Sofa’s, chairs, and other upholstery are a breeding ground for harmful microbes which can cause allergies, sickness, and offensive odors. The ZEROREZ cleaning system does not use soaps, detergents or shampoos to mask these problems. When it comes to upholstery cleaning, we use a revolutionary cleaning fluid we call EMPOWERED WATER to eliminate microbes, thereby restoring the beautiful appearance of your furniture

Why Choose ZEROREZ for Upholstery Cleaning?

1- Safe on all kinds of upholstery, including natural fibers and the hardiest synthetics

2- Removes soiling and restores appearance

3- Stain protectant will protects against staining from future spills

4- Non – toxic, no harmful chemicals

5- No residue means your upholstery will stay cleaner, longer

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